The Best 15 Low-Cost Small Cabin Plans


Why do you need cabin plans when you want to build your own ? If you do not use cabin plans your building process will be longer and you won’t know if what you are building is against your local building rules. What you really need is the 15 plans made by John Davidson, an architectural designer with over 25 years of experience. You should really purchase them.

If you want an example of a cabin plan, click here. These plans were created with the intent to respect all United States Building Rules. They will speed up your building process because they include all measures already and you will be able to prepare your plans/supplies accordingly. You won’t have to purchase any special tools to create your own cabin.

For only 17$, you will receive :

  • 15 Small Cabin Plans, to build your own cabin.
  • 11 Step by Step Video, to help you during the construction.

You will also receive these FREE EXTRAS :

  • 10 Free Garage Plans
  • The “Building a Garage/Shed” E-book

You will receive your products instantly via download and you will be able to print your plans. Click here to buy now.

All The 15 Cabin That You Can Build Are Shown Here :


The first step in building your cabin is determining where you are gonna build it. You must make sure you are using a fairly open space and an even ground that isn’t too fragile. In addition, you should clean the space out of roots and make sure there’s no trees growing over it since it could destroy it in the future. You should also determine the future expansions of your cabin. You may have to build a toilet in the future for example. I would personally make sure the driveway to your cabin is shaped like a snake because it will have more privacy to your cabin than a straight driveway that you can see from your cabin. You might have to level the terrain on the site where your cabin will be located. Building your cabin is all about planning.

When building your cabin, even when using a plan, you have freedom to design it as you like. You can use your own ideas even if you follow a pre-made plan. You have multiple choice in materials and colors that you can choose. It starts by the exterior, if you want to have a more classical cabin, you might want to use logs instead of planks. Your roof can also be customized like you want, there’s different colors and roofing options out there. When you will find yourself inside the cabin, you will have to choose options for the walls paint/material. You might want to use decorative interior panels for your cabin.

If you plan on using your cabin in the winter, you must insulate it. Even if there’s a fire running in your place, as soon as it extinguish itself, the heat will go out the cabin and you will probably come back to a cold cabin. That’s not an ideal case. If you do not want to sleep in your cabin, you might want to skip insulating it because it will be useless.

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